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Esh7an is one of the leading online websites in the region that shows a comparison between the rate of shipping companies and provides special rates for its customers.

We simply connect the customers with the International and domestic shipping companies here in Kuwait using a simple process, accurate data and providing a pick-up service from your address directly.

  • Saving the Customer’s Time
  • Saving the efforts of the customer to call all the companies and get their rate
  • Getting a Special rate with huge discounts
  • Pick up from the customer’s Address is available for free
  • Simple process in which you can access at anytime

There will be three main services which are Outbound Express, Inbound Express and Domestic Delivery.

Currently is available only in Kuwait and there is a plan for expansion in the region.

It means sending a shipment from Kuwait to any destination.

It means sending a shipment from any destination around the world to Kuwait.

If you want to delivery any shipment inside Kuwait from one city to another one, then this is the service which will assist you.

The Customer will choose the service he is looking for, then he will enter the details of the shipment. The system will show him a comparison between the shipping companies that can delivery to the requested destination showing the Rate and the Duration of delivery for each company. The customer will choose the suitable company and request the pickup. He will receive a call from Esh7an Team to confirm the details and get extra details if needed. After the agreement on the price, Esh7an team will send the customer a K-net Gateway to pay and at the same time the request will be sent to the shipping company to collect the shipment.

The prohibited Items are different from each company to another one, and its different from each country to another. So, we prefer that you mention the commodity of your shipment and we will check if its prohibited or not.

Currently, Esh7an provides you with a K-net gateway for the payment and we will add the cash method as soon as possible.

The maximum weight must be 30 KG, however if the customer want to ship more than 30 KG then he has to call our customer service team and they will provide a special rate for that if available.

The actual weight is the weight of the package while the Volumetric weight takes into consideration the dimensions weight of the package. For example, if you want to send a big box of clothes, the actual weight of the box is 5 KG while the volumetric weight will be calculated based on Length*Width*Height divided by 5000.

The system will calculate based on the larger weight and provide you with the rate.

The shipping company has the full responsibility about the shipment, Esh7an will not be responsible for such incidents, however we will assist our customers to the last mile to be satisfied.

No, the customer will be responsible to provide the packaging of his shipment.

Yes, you can save multiple addresses for future use.

You will receive a call from Esh7an within 15 Minutes to make sure the data is correct and to choose the suitable time for pick up, the courier will pick up your shipment in the time that you choose.

It will take around 2- 10 working days for investigation purposes.

Simply, you will choose with company and then enter the AWB Number. The system will show you the update of your shipment till today with all the available updates.